An NDT Business Unit to carry out controls promptly and at competitive prices.

Controls through Non-Destructive Tests: we ensure products fully meet quality and excellence standards.

We provide suppliers with prompt and immediate assistance in the execution of Non-Destructive Tests (NDTs). Unlike other kinds of controls, Non-Destructive Tests do not destroy, ruin nor modify the components or materials that make up the goods, while still managing to detect potential flaws.

We are an Examination Centre authorised to deliver courses and to issue and renew professional certificates under the ISO 9712 standard In addition to providing the structure required for the organisation of training courses, learning materials, teachers, and theoretical and practical courses, we issue the corresponding certificates. After the expiry date of certificates, we can provide a 360° support for their 5- or 10-year renewal.

Business Unit NDT services

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI): materials are analysed using specific tools, e.g. the NITON XLT 898 XRF Analyzer.
  • Penetrant Testing (PT): the absence of superficial flaws is confirmed through liquid penetrant testing based on the use of professional tools, e.g. colour-contrast Penetrants, Developers and Solvents.
  • Magnetic Testing (MT): the electromagnetic yoke allows us to detect deeper flaws compared to PT.
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT): this kind of testing is needed to monitor potential issues that cannot be detected through MT. The examination is carried out using a specific professional tool: the KRAUTKRAMER USMGO+.
  • Radiographic Testing (Metodo RT): we examine the radiographic images of the items. To carry out this testing, we rely on external subcontractors.

All the instruments needed to perform the tests are in our possession and used directly by our experts.


We assist all material manufacturers.

Flexibility, versatility, and high working speed: we are a young, but well-structured, team motivated to meet the needs of small and large companies with kindness and know-how.



We offer inspection services that focus on the whole productive process of the entire order with the support of an operational network of 800 specialised partners scattered all over the world.

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We monitor the progress of the order to ensure that the distinct stages are carried out in accordance with the manufacturing plan.

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We provide consultancy services, technical assistance and outsourced document reviews thanks to the work of qualified team members who can reach you anywhere in Lombardy.

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