Monitoring services to guarantee on-time deliveries

Expediting as a way of ensuring that the manufacturing process follows the correct timings

Thanks to our expediters, we make sure that the manufacturing stages in the creation of a particular product follow the production plan. In case of delays or critical issues, we assist the different units with reminders and define a new schedule to be followed in order to meet the expected deadline.

Either directly on site or remotely, we guarantee high-quality controls performed by a group of highly trained and experienced expediters. Requesting this service means building a professional relationship where absolute trust and a transparent collaboration allow the expediters to carry out their work competently and thoroughly.

The expediting service explained step-by-step

  • Send your request via e-mail
  • You will receive our quote and, simultaneously, the CV of the expediter indicated for your needs and your customised price
  • When confirming, you will decide whether you prefer a desk or field expediter and you will send the documents pertaining to the activity (ITP, PO, procedures…)
  • Once finished, you will get a digital report confirming that the activity has been completed and that it has been conducted correctly. The report will be received within 24 hours after the expediting service.

Services for any request

Desk Expediter

The monitoring activities are performed directly from our offices. Telephone calls, e-mails, and photographic reports enable us to follow remotely the stages of the manufacturing process.

Field Expediter

The manufacturing process is monitored directly on site. Timings and steps are agreed upon together, also on the basis of the activities that will be carried out.


Our controls are carried out promptly and efficiently.

We check the progress of the work orders to avoid inefficiencies, fines or delays and to ensure a seamless and quick manufacturing process.



We offer inspection services that focus on the whole productive process of the entire order with the support of an operational network of 800 specialised partners scattered all over the world.

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Business Unit NDT

We provide immediate and prompt assistance in the execution of Non-Destructive Tests (NDTs) aimed at detecting potential flaws in goods or machinery.

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We provide consultancy services, technical assistance and outsourced document reviews thanks to the work of qualified team members who can reach you anywhere in Lombardy.

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