Inspections guaranteeing high standards of quality and compliance.

With an Italian team of about 20 experts in the inspection and expediting field and 800 international partners, our inspectors participate in mechanical tests, chemical analyses, visual and dimensional inspections, and water and air trials. In the energy sector, we perform inspections on wind turbines and charging points for electric cars.

We offer hardline inspection services concerning the calculation of cargo quantities, visual inspections of movable goods and controls of the features of consumer products’ materials to verify the quality and compliance of the manufacturing and supply chain.

The inspection service explained step-by-step

  • Send your request by e-mail to book the inspection activity needed (even on the same day).
  • We will get back to you with our proposal, where we will introduce you to one of our inspectors. We will include their CV and will wait for your confirmation before proceeding.
  • You will receive the documents supporting the quality control and detailing what we will scrutinise.
  • You will wait for the digital report confirming the completion of the activity, which you will receive within 24 hours.

Services for any request

On-Call inspections

An on-call inspection service answering promptly to any need. We organize inspections in Italy, Europe and all over the world thanks to the network of experts who cooperate with us. This service is organised by individual activities and terminates with the final report.

Resident inspections

We monitor the manufacturing process of the entire order through a complete and thorough management. Depending on the customers’ specific workplace and needs, we identify the most suitable inspector among our 800 partners and associates.


We value quality controls.

We carry out inspections worldwide applying a smart and efficient approach to optimise our customers’ time and activities.



We monitor the progress of the order to ensure that the distinct stages are carried out in accordance with the manufacturing plan.

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Business Unit NDT

We provide immediate and prompt assistance in the execution of Non-Destructive Tests (NDTs) aimed at detecting potential flaws in goods or machinery.

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We provide consultancy services, technical assistance and outsourced document reviews thanks to the work of qualified team members who can reach you anywhere in Lombardy.

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